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RES Hospitals – Final Conference – ASTI, 21st and 22nd November 2013

RES Hospitals – Final Conference – ASTI, 21st and 22nd November 2013




Thursday 21 November 2013


0830 Registration

0900 Welcome Address


0915 Keynote Speech: The Hospital as a driver for change

Daniela Pedrini

Jonathan Erksine

 0945 Presentation of the project

Angus Hunter

1000 Sessions 1: Lessons learned from the Pilot Studies

John Taylor: Introduction and Moderation


Main Issues from the Pilot Studies:

Roberto Traversari - verbal presentation

Jose Alberto Arriaran Azpiri

Marcello Fiorenza

Mateusz Licon - verbal presentation


11.30 Coffee Break


1200 Session 2: Technical and srategic options for 'zero carbon' hospitals

Paolo Bianco: Introduction and Moderation


Panel Discussion:

Chiara Wolter

Stefano Maestrelli

Thomas Pye - verbal presentation

Lucrezia Le Rose

Andrew Camina - verbal presentation

Virginia Carracciolo


1330 Lunch


1430 Guided tour of the Hospital Cardinal Massaia


Friday 22 November 2013


0900  Insights from European Projects and EU Countries advanced examples

Roberto Penna: Riccardo Paci: Green Hospitals project

Ursula Rieger: Re-Co

Andrew Camina: EcoQUIP

Didier Bourdon: Focus on the energy component of the new Master Plan of the Ile de France Region

Anna Palminger: The environmental programme of Region Skane


1000 Session 3: Financing Energy Efficiency and RES in times of economic difficulties

David Whitely: Introduction

Barrie Dowdeswell: How can the new EU Agenda 2014-2020 be exploited?

Stefan Wunderlich: What can the EIB experience teach on financing European hospitals?

Grazia Cioci: Financing RES is financing health


1045 Coffee Break


1115 Panel Presentations: Traditional and innovative financial schemes for Hospitals

Claudia Carani: Province of Modena use of the Elena Scheme

Thomas Pye: Scotland going beyong Central Government for funding of capital projects



1200 Session 4: How to encourage hospitals to become leaders in community energy projects - Key Issues and strategic alliances

Hennu Kjisik: introduction - verbal presentation

Massimo Corona

Annegret Dickhoff



1300 Conclusions

Simona Ganassi Agger - verbal summary



The conference presented the lessons from the project to an audience of hospital stakeholders from a range of countries. This included the lessons from pilot projects conducted with 18 European hospitals to achieve 50% of energy use from renewable energy sources by 2020 and the development of longer term zero carbon roadmaps. The conference also included insights from other European projects and advanced activities at national level. The important issue of financing energy efficiency and RES was a key element of the second day of the conference where presentations were given on innovative financing mechanisms and also on the new EU Agenda 2014-2020. The conference closed with presentations and discussions of how hospitals could be encouraged to become leaders in community energy projects – a key factor in the move to increased RES and, eventually, zero carbon hospitals.

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