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The impact of the RES-Hospitals project remains evident! | The impact of the RES-Hospitals project remains evident. The manager and partners are requested to continue to make presentations at workshops and seminars on the RES-Hospitals project.Read More...

RES-Hospitals Presented at 2014 Hope Congress | The 2014 HOPE Congress consisted of 2-days, pan-European, multidisciplinary conferences and exhibitions dedicated to examining the most pertinent topics and key challenges within efficient facilities management.Read More...

Pilot Hospital Reports Now Available ! | There are now 13 RES Pilot Hospital Reports available on the RES Hospitals website.Read More...

Pilot hospitals to save 78,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions | The 18 pilot hospitals involved in the RES Hospitals project are planning to make energy efficiency and renewable energy investments that will save over 78,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.Read More...

Who we are

RES-Hospitals: Towards zero carbon hospitals with renewable energy systems

RES-Hospitals aimed to reduce energy consumption of the existing stock of 15,000 hospitals in Europe and increase their energy self-sufficiency through renewable energy sources, thus supporting the EU2020 Energy targets. The sector has a relatively high energy-intensity and collectively accounts for some 5% of Europe's CO2 emissions.

The barriers to reducing energy consumption and investing in renewable energy systems (RES) in hospitals was explored through pilot projects in eight European countries. Best practice case studies and lessons from the pilots were disseminated widely to hospital decision makers through events and a ‘RES Guide for European Hospitals’.

RES-Hospitals was led by the Asti Local Health Agency in Italy and included partners and associates from seven other countries as well as a European network.

Consortium Members

The consortium consisted of seven organisations as follows:

Associate Members

In addition, four associate members agreed to join the consortium:


Prof. Arch. Simona Ganassi Agger, RES-Hospitals Project Manager


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